Motorized Rickshaws

2006 Model YM150 Color Ruby Red (Changshou Yamasaki Motorcycle) 150cc (5.9hp) 295lbs

2006 Model YM110 Color Ruby Red (Changshou Yamasaki Motorcycle) 110cc (5.9hp) 295lbs

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Motorized Rickshaw. Modern convenience with old world charm! Take off on your own three-wheeled scooter with room for 2 additional passengers in a cozy Amish-made carriage on the back.


  • A motorized rickshaw specifically designed from the ground up to meet Federal DOT and EPA guidelines
  • This unique vehicle combines the luxury and old world charm of a plush carriage with modern convenience
  • Environmentally friendly and fuel efficient
  • Compact and easily maneuverable vehicle
  • Safety enhancements. carriage passenger seatbelts and maximum speed of 35 mph

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